• Industry: Automotive
  • Date: June 2007 – July 2007
  • Need: Temporary on-site web designer for coverage in absence of full-time employee
  • Role: Designed and coded emails with HTML and CSS, maintained company website and created a Flash online catalog for these two specialty automotive outfitters.
Bridget was extremely personable and got along well with everyone here. She never complained about anything she was asked to do, and she demonstrated a great deal of determination and knowledge, working her way through several difficult tasks. She was pleasant to work with and took direction well.

Bridget did an excellent job while she was here. She was honest and hardworking. We would have loved for her to have stayed on longer, however we found someone to permanently fill the position which she was contracting for us. We do plan to call her in if she is available at times when we have a greater workload. I would recommend her to any employer.
— Tiffany Richmond, International Auto Parts