Thanks for always hearing us out and taking our demands and questions in stride and with a smile.
— Justin M., Market Manager at Charlottesville City Market
Bridget quickly established herself as a reliable, responsive and knowledgeable extension of the creative team at Rawle Murdy. As the ad agency’s sole email marketing expert, Bridget works quickly and efficiently to create hundreds of responsive emails for dozens of clients. When faced with multiple rounds of edits, quick turnaround times or complicated vendor specifications, Bridget always does everything in her power to get the work done accurately and on time. She is a quick learner and a patient teacher. I feel lucky to have worked with her for the past three years, and I highly recommend her.
— Amy Bannister DiGiacomo
I can’t tell you how refreshing it’s been to work with Bridget. What I can tell you is how quick she was to address designs, provide concepts, and suggest edits! Our team loved the energy she brought to the entire process of designing our graphics and the thoroughness Bridget delivered for our brand! I’m sitting here looking at our final proofs and already brainstorming on ideas to have her design something new and exciting for us! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
— David Shockley, Sugar & Salt
As we began our company rebranding effort, we quickly realized it was necessary to bring an experienced and talented designer in house. When Bridget came into the office, I immediately knew she was exactly that. I quickly learned that in addition to having a fantastic eye for design, she is incredibly efficient and dependable. … She is able to work well on multiple, simultaneous projects and, perhaps more importantly, is able to deliver final products that meet—or usually surpass—the varying expectations of the members of the management team.
— Evie Chamberlain, The Great Courses

— Mike Ward, PartnerMD

By acting quickly, Fresh Picked Design saved Capital One $50,000 on this rewards catalog project. A looming postal rate increase threatened to increase mailing costs if the print deadline were missed. Obstacles kept popping up: incorrect images from the stock photography provider, outdated logos, discontinued merchandise and last-minute changes to the fine print.

Capital One brought in Fresh Picked Design to ensure the catalog project would be completed on time. By posting multiple advance proofs for reviewers, working late evenings to update the production proof, and collaborating with the photography vendor and the pre-press facility, we sent the catalog to the printer error-free and on time — saving the company $50,000.
— Success Story, Capital One
Bridget has consistently been able to provide our organization with deep technical expertise and execution, on-time delivery, and a proactive attitude. She’s very responsible, reliable, and able to manage the varied and numerous tasks we throw her way. When our staff is overloaded with various projects and deadlines, I never hesitate to contact Bridget for help — no matter how small or large the project. She demonstrates a strong command of design principles and is always proactive in recommending process changes that would benefit our organization — even after she has completed the project. Bridget’s someone I will certainly turn to again.
— Amy Lenert, VP of Creative at Plow & Hearth
Black Friday is the most important – and the most competitive — time for retailers. Frustrated by the piecemeal execution of the previous year’s campaign, Circuit City’s online marketing team asked Fresh Picked Design to redesign these crucial Black Friday emails.

The campaign outperformed expectations, boosting holiday sales by 40%. As a direct result of fresh creative execution, the email coupon drove 45% more visits than the prior year. The company finished the week 164% to last year’s visits and 140% to last year’s sales. The email also won Marketing Sherpa’s Best Email Opt-In Campaign award.
— Success Story, Circuit City

— Jill Guidry, Jeune Boutique

Bridget is truly the complete package: a highly-creative artist with excellent interpersonal skills and the work ethic of a successful business owner. Her work is thoughtful, inventive, intelligent and attractive, and every project is delivered in a timely manner.
— Meghan Codd, Zuula Consulting LLC
Bridget is a tremendous problem-solver, both in terms of design and content organization, and in terms of technical file set-up and file transfer. Her design skills encompass both aesthetic solutions to design problems and strong knowledge of pre-press file set-up.
— BethAnn Romeo, Capital One
The Ratings and Reviews email campaign Fresh Picked Design created for Crutchfield was named as “a perfect example” of why ecommerce analyst and blogger Linda Bustos loves Crutchfield’s marketing. Incorporating ratings and reviews is “an effective and underused tactic for retail email,” Bustos writes, noting that this tactic helps persuade impulse buyers and cautious consumers alike. “All-in-all, Crutchfield’s is an excellent example of selling to different types of shoppers in one email, without cluttering the creative.
— Linda Bustos, ecommerce blog GetElastic

— Mary Colman, Woodberry Forest School

Bridget worked with our email team and created new and energized designs for email campaigns. Her sparkling personality and profound knowledge of design was the perfect synergy we need to infuse the project with a fresh perspective. Besides being able to create flawless graphics and classic typography, her command over a project and ownership of the process was a real bonus. Her excellent communication skills helped move projects along, and her professional attitude underscored her expertise.
— Archie Miller, Crutchfield
Bridget did the hard work of turning many varied goals from different departments into a cohesive new brand logo and website design. Bridget hit all of the deliverable dates within our aggressive timeline, worked updates seamlessly into the design, and brought a fresh new look to the brand.
— Joey Porterfield, Plow & Hearth
One email Fresh Picked Design executed for Crutchfield won accolades from Chad White of the Retail Email Blog. White praised the crisp, intuitive design of this email, which was sent to customers who had recently been browsing Blu-ray players. He called it a “solid triggered message” for its inclusion of a wide range of shopping triggers and informative resources.
— Chad White, The Retail Email Blog

— Heather Young, Aquent

Bridget and I were co–workers at Plow & Hearth. Her knowledge, skills and strong work ethic led our team to many successful projects. I am always amazed at Bridget’s ever evolving knowledge and her creative talent that is partnered with such a great personality and can–do attitude. She has a special way of motivating her team through positive support, vast knowledge...and a great laugh! I highly recommend Bridget and know she is always equipped for a good challenge.
— Rebecca Stone, Plow & Hearth
I’ve worked with Bridget on both print and digital projects. These projects have varied in scope from full website redesigns to smaller print projects with heavy versioning. Despite the tight deadlines she always seems to be working under, she never misses a date and the work is always top notch. She’s a skilled designer, an outstanding Photoshop artist, a great communicator and an asset to any creative team.
— Mark Sirinsky, The Great Courses
Bridget was extremely personable and got along well with everyone here. She never complained about anything she was asked to do, and she demonstrated a great deal of determination and knowledge, working her way through several difficult tasks. She was pleasant to work with and took direction well.

Bridget did an excellent job while she was here. She was honest and hardworking. We would have loved for her to have stayed on longer, however we found someone to permanently fill the position which she was contracting for us. We do plan to call her in if she is available at times when we have a greater workload. I would recommend her to any employer.
— Tiffany Richmond, International Auto Parts